ūüŹĀ Get Started with the Notecard and Cellular IoT on June 8th!

You're in!

Thanks for registering to be part of our TinyML workshop on Friday July 28th. Check your email for the calendar invite.

Now it's time to get prepared!

Hardware Requirements

Registration for this workshop is free. However, if you want to follow along with the hands-on portions of the workshop, you MUST be using the following hardware:

Cellular Coverage by Country

The Blues Notecard provides prepaid cellular IoT by virtue of an embedded SIM. However, if your country is NOT in the list of covered countries (check here for Blues Starter Kit for North America and here for Blues Starter Kit for EMEA), you must use an external SIM card (e.g. Twilio Super SIM, 1NCE, Soracom, among others).

Blues provides documentation for using an external SIM card that we can briefly cover during the workshop if required.

Alternatively, if your country is covered by the Narrowband Global Notecard, you can purchase one separately.

Software/Service Installations

Attendees only need some very basic knowledge of Arduino development and understanding of 101-level C coding concepts (you can get by with copying-and-pasting provided code!).

To make the most of this workshop you MUST come prepared with the following pre-installed: