Evexia Telehealth

Evexia provides easy remote monitoring and health provider communications to patients largely left behind by telehealth innovation. They provide tele-health solutions for those who are most underserved.

“Notecard solves the cost of provisioning and complexity of bi-directional event-based IoT cellular communications. What is even more exciting and unique is the complete software framework behind it. It is 10 times faster to build and maintain robust IoT applications with the Notecard compared to anything else out there in the market.”

Francois Koutchouk —Founder


Consistent telehealth patient monitoring is less than 50% in compliance. And that is with a population with sufficient funds and proficiency for higher end technology.

Compliance is next to nil for those in rural locations or those without sufficient financial and educational opportunities. In short, the most underserved or vulnerable:

  • • Unable to afford the latest devices (smartphones, tablets…) or internet plans
  • • Technically left behind
  • • Lacking consistent internet or electricity service
  • • Living in rural or natural disaster areas (hurricanes, fires…)


Evexia’s innovative design changes all of that:

  • • Reliable even in poor cellular coverage areas
  • • Affordable
  • • And most important, simple

Easy to use: plug-in and that’s it!

  • • No need for internet or Wi-Fi,
  • • No cellular plan or mobile number,
  • • No smartphone or computer,
  • • No technical expertise required.

Evexia, powered by the Blues Wireless Notecard, provides consistent tracking of vitals such as blood sugar, oxygen, pulse, blood pressure, temperature, and weight.

Potential Impact

This is a key step in improving a patient wellbeing.

It offer the lowest operating cost for the provider

  • • Eliminate monthly cost and hidden fees,
  • • Skip IT staff or consultants required for proprietary devices or data,
  • • Avoid patient training or confusion (no screen, keyboard, or buttons).

There are absolutely no proprietary controls

  • • Medical devices, cloud platform and telecom agnostic
  • • Leverages widely available open-source hardware and software
  • • Future proof

This solution provides benefits for the patient, the provider and the insurer.

Evexia removes the hurdles for patients to take their vitals and get the care they need from their health providers, overcoming financial, educational or physical hurdles.

Evexia Telehealth


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