Cellular, LoRa, and Wi-Fi - Introducing the Next Generation of Notecards

Sparrow Development Kit

Build and deploy LoRa-based device clusters

Reduce Operation Costs for Fixed Location Deployments


About Device Cluster Deployment with Sparrow

How to Get Started In 3 Easy Steps

The Sparrow Product Family

Sparrow deployments consist of a Sparrow Gateway and one or more Sparrow sensors. Your gateway can use NB-IoT, Cat-1, Cat-M, or Wi-Fi for communication backhaul. Blues hardware is pre-certified with FCC and PTCRB certifications.

The Sparrow Reference Web App

The Sparrow Reference Web App is an open-source project for jump-starting professional Sparrow solutions, by providing a customizable dashboard for viewing and updating Sparrow data.

Start Fast

Easily start a Sparrow-based web application with our ready made user interface. All source files available on Github.

Route and Store

Route your Sparrow Sensor data from Notehub, and store it in a Postgres database.

Interactive Dashboard

View, and manage your data on an interactive web dashboard.


Host your web app and database on a number of popular hosting platforms.

Sparrow Web App Dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

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