The Notecarrier A Series

Designed for building battery-powered (AA), LiPo-powered (AL), or embedded (AE) wireless IoT applications.

Notecarrier A

Notecarrier AA, AE, and AL

  • Three unique models:

    • AL for LiPo/solar
    • AA for AA battery
    • AE for castellated edge connectors
  • Pre-soldered headers for access to Notecard edge connector pins
  • M.2. Key E edge connector and screw-down port for Notecard
  • Nano-SIM slot for (optional) additional carrier connectivity
  • Onboard cellular and active GPS antennas
  • Micro-USB to power device and provide USB interface to Notecard
  • This product requires a Notecard

Best Notecarrier for any non-Feather MCU

AA batteries
Pre-soldered case for 3 AA batteries (AA model)
JST connectors
JST connectors for LiPo battery and solar panel (AL model)
Castellated edges
Castellated edge connector for soldering onto PCB (AE model)

Which Notecarrier is right for me?

Discover the right Notecarrier for your host, power supply, and deployment stage.
Notecarrier AF

Notecarrier AF

Best when using Feather-compatible MCU
103mm x 77mm
Adafruit Feather-compatible
Embedded antenna
Embedded Antennas
I2C ports
Two Grove I2C Ports
LiPo and solar power options
Micro USB
Micro USB
Nano-SIM card
External Nano-SIM Socket for Additional Carriers
Notecarrier Pi

Notecarrier Pi

Best when using a Raspberry Pi-compatible SBC
56mm x 65mm
Raspberry Pi
Rasbperry Pi
External Cellular Antenna
I2C port
One Grove I2C Port
Pi powered
Powered by Pi
Nano-SIM card
External Nano-SIM Socket for Additional Carriers
Notecarrier A series

Notecarrier A Series

Best when prototyping with any other MCU
68mm x 75mm
Embedded antenna
Embedded Antennas
Battery, LiPo and solar power options
Micro USB
Micro USB
Nano-SIM card
External Nano-SIM Socket for Additional Carriers
Notecarrier B

Notecarrier B

Best for small form factor deployments
47mm x 47mm
Bring Your Own Antenna
Lightning bolt
2.5V-5.5V to V+
Micro USB
Micro USB

Bring Your Idea to Life with Our Starter Kits

The Notecard can bring anything online—from a bird feeder to large-scale farm equipment.
Feather development starter kit

Feather Starter Kit

Includes a Notecarrier-AF, an Adafruit Feather ESP32 HUZZAH, and a Notecard SoM with cellular and GPS.
Raspberry Pi development starter kit

Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

Includes a Notecarrier Pi Hat, a Notecard SoM with cellular and GPS, and an external cellular antenna.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Which Raspberry Pi-compatible single-board computers does the Blues Wireless Notecarrier-Pi HAT support?

    The Blues Wireless Notecard and its companion Notecarrier-Pi HAT support virtually any Raspberry Pi-compatible single-board computer (SBC) with a 40-pin male header connector. Some examples of compatible SBCs include the balenaFin , Banana Pi , and the ROCK Pi .

    Note that due to the power requirements of the Notecard, some Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 models include a current-limiting fuse that will power-cycle the device when the Notecard’s modem is on and transmitting. To avoid these issues, we recommend using Raspberry Pi 4 devices with the Notecard and Notecarrier Pi HAT.

    Does the Blues Wireless Notecard require a Notecarrier to function?

    No! The Blues Wireless Notecard is a small 30mm x 35mm system on module (SoM) that is able to be embedded in any IoT project on its own via its M.2 edge connector.

    However, Blues Wireless provides a variety of Notecarrier host boards for easily adding cellular connectivity to a new or existing IoT solution for prototyping purposes. The Notecarrier also provides antennae for both the GPS and cellular capabilities of the Notecard.

    What are the differences between the Blues Wireless Notecard, Notecarrier, and
    • Notecard : SoM peripheral with a cellular modem, IMU sensor, GPS modem, with an M.2 edge connector.
    • Notecarrier : A prototyping board with cellular and GPS antennae, used to breakout the pins on the Notecard’s M.2 connector.
    • Notehub : A cloud service, used as a backend to connect with the Notecard. securely receives all data and communications created by the Notecard. In turn, can securely sync encrypted data with the cloud application of your choice using VPN tunnels which eliminates the need for traffic to traverse the public Internet.

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