Unsubscribe from Contracts and Monthly Fees

Bundled hardware, cellular data, and data routing for a single, up-front price.

Pay As You Go

Break free from subscriptions, contracts, setup, disconnect, reconnect and other hidden monthly per-device fees.

Built-In Benefits

Receive 5,000 Consumption Credits that refresh each month and unlimited use of Notehub.io.

Scale Up Simply

Configure and manage your fleets from a single dashboard. Control ongoing costs with volume discounts.


All benefits of our Standard Plan are included with purchase of a Notecard. Enterprise Plans include Standard Plan benefits + the ability to tailor available options to your needs.

Standard Plan Enterprise Plan
Free Contact Sales
Unlimited Notecards, projects, project owners, developers, and viewers
Free monthly refresh to 5,000 Consumption Credits
Connectivity assurance
Community support
Choice of available deployment regions
Event retention
7 days Greater than 7 days
Community support 24/7 support
Dedicated account team
Dedicated deployment region
Additional discounts available for orders > 10k devices or consumption frequency > 1k times per day, per device

How It Works

Our consumption-based pricing model is as easy as 1-2-3.



A one-time charge per device, paid for at the time of purchase of a Notecard or Starter Kit.
Service Region Needed Protocol Unit Cost
Global Wi-Fi (2.4GHz) $20
North America LTE Cat-M $49
North America LTE Cat-1 $59
Global LTE-M $59
EMEA LTE Cat-1 $69


500MB are included with each Notecard. Add more for $5 per additional 100MB.


with each Notecard


for $5



Data routing and events use Consumption Credits. 5,000 are included with each Notecard purchase.
Service Consumption Credits (CC)
Event “pushed” through a route 1 CC
1,000 API requests to Notehub.io 1 CC
Event API retrieval “pulled” from Notehub 1 CC
Notecard web request 1 CC

See FAQ below about Consumption Credits

Volume Discounting

If you require more Consumption Credits, you can purchase more with volume discounts.

Base Unit Price $0.000750

Quantities Starting From Cost Discount Unit Price
15,000 $11 0% $0.000750
1,000,000 $563 25% $0.000563
10,000,000 $3,750 50% $0.000375
20,000,000 $4,500 70% $0.000225
50,000,000 $9,375 75% $0.000188
100,000,000 $15,000 80% $0.000150

If your deployment is larger than 10,000 devices or your devices report events more than 1,000 times per day, please call us for Enterprise plan pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Consumption Credit?

    A Consumption Credit is a unit of measure used to pay for Notehub services, such as routing events.

    What is an Event?

    An Event is the basic unit of data sent from a Notecard to Notehub and to a customer’s servers through a Route if a Route is defined. It’s the user-defined JSON data from a customer’s microcontroller or Notecard, further annotated with things such as time and cell tower location.

    What is a Route?

    A Route is a user-defined configuration in Notehub that specifies one or more internet destinations to which a given Event may be “pushed” from the Notecard.

    What is an Event Retrieval API?

    An Event Retrieval API is a “pull” mechanism to fetch Event data from the Notehub, complementing the “push” mechanism of sending Event data via Routes.

    What is a Web Request?

    A “Web Request” is a request made outward to web servers on the internet, originated by Notecard as the result of a “web.get”, “web.put”, or “web.post”. These Notecard requests are routed “through” the Notehub, which acts as a secure proxy keeping devices isolated from the internet.

    What is Connectivity Assurance?

    When the Notecard runs low on data, Connectivity Assurance will automatically add data to the Notecard SIM’s data plan.

    How many Consumption Credits are used to route an event or make an API Request?

    Data routing and events use Consumption Credits. 5,000 are included with each Notecard Purchase. If your Consumption Credit balance falls below 5,000 CC’s we will refresh your account each month up to 5,000 Consumption Credits. Any CC’s needed beyond that will need to be purchased. Below is a table to illustrate the consumption credit cost per service.

    Service Consumption Credits (CC)
    Event “pushed” through a route 1 CC
    1,000 API requests to Notehub.io 1 CC
    Event API retrieval “pulled” from Notehub 1 CC
    Notecard web request 1 CC
    How much do Consumption Credits Cost?

    In order to accommodate a wide range of deployment sizes and use cases, Consumption Credits may be purchased in the following discount tiers:

    Volume Discount Tiers

    Tier Name CC Min CC Max Rate
    Tier 1 15,000 499,999 $0.000750
    Tier 2 500,000 9,999,999 $0.000563
    Tier 3 10,000,000 19,999,999 $0.000375
    Tier 4 20,000,000 49,999,999 $0.000225
    Tier 5 50,000,000 99,999,999 $0.000188
    Tier 6 100,000,000+ N/A $0.000150
    Will Notecard prices increase to receive the 5,000 bundled Consumption Credits?

    No. 5,000 Consumption Credits are provided with each Notecard purchase at no additional charge.

    When I purchase a Notecard, how are the credits added to my Notehub account?

    5,000 credits will automatically be added to your project’s billing account the first time a Notecard is provisioned and connects to Notehub.

    I’m currently on the Notehub Free plan. Will I still have 5,000 free events/month?

    Yes. On the 1st of the month, any billing account with a balance below 5,000 credits will automatically top-up to 5,000 credits. For example, if your billing account balance equals 4,500 credits on the 1st of the month, we will automatically add 500 credits to your billing account and restore your balance to 5,000. There is no additional charge for the refreshing credits.

    Are the Notecard bundled credits restricted to that specific Notecard?

    No. Once bundled credits are added to your billing account, they can be consumed by any Notecard within your project. This allows you to pool credits within your billing account.

    How do I purchase additional Consumption Credits?

    It is quick and easy to purchase additional Consumption Credits in Notehub. You have the option to make one-time purchases or setup Auto-recharge, which will automatically purchase credits when your balance reaches your defined minimum balance.

    How do I avoid running out of credits?

    The easiest way to avoid running out of credits is to set up Auto-recharge. Simply define your minimum balance and quantity of credits to be purchased when this balance is reached. Notehub will purchase the additional amount on your behalf and notify you when this happens.

    How will usage be tracked and displayed in Notehub?

    Usage is tracked throughout the day and visible within Notehub. Notehub will provide the ability to view usage by date range, project and activity type (routed event, API call, etc).

    Can I create an alert when my Billing account balance is low?

    Yes. Simply, login to Notehub and select Billing from your Profile menu. Define the threshold for your Billing Account balance to trigger an alert. If your balance is below your defined threshold, Notehub will send you an email once per day until the balance is restored to an amount above the threshold.

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