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Get access to the entire Blues ecosystem with the purchase of a Notecard.

How Pricing Works

Break free from expensive subscriptions, contracts, and fees, only pay for what you need. Each Notecard includes everything you need to get started including data, credits, and full access to Notehub.io.

With every Blues Notecard purchased you get:

Full access to the Notehub

to manage projects, fleets, data routing, and over-the-air firmware updates.

500 MB of free cellular data

for each Notecard to send and receive event data, available as soon as you turn it on.

5000 free Consumption Credits (CC)

added to your billing account for Notehub services such as routing data to your cloud app.

Notecard Unit Price

Notecard TypePer Unit Cost
Wi-Fi 2.4Ghz$20
North America LTE Cat-M$49
North America LTE Cat-1$59
Global LTE-M$59
EMEA LTE Cat-1$69

Pay As You Go

If you consume all of the included free cellular data and credits, you can add more through the Notehub.

If you run low, 500MB of cellular data is automatically added per Notecard.

Purchase Consumption Credits (CC) as you need them, starting at about $12 for 15,000 CC

Need help calculating your usage based cost?

Large scale deployments, extended event retention, 24/7 support, a dedicated account team, and dedicated deployment regions are available for additional fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

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