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Unsubscribe from Contracts and Monthly Fees

Bundled hardware, cellular data, and data routing for a single, up-front price.

Pay As You Go

Break free from subscriptions, contracts, setup, disconnect, reconnect and other hidden monthly per-device fees.

Built-In Benefits

Receive 5,000 Consumption Credits that refresh each month and unlimited use of Notehub.io.

Scale Up Simply

Configure and manage your fleets from a single dashboard. Control ongoing costs with volume discounts.

Standard Plan Pricing Includes: 

  • Unlimited Notecards, projects, project owners, developers, and viewers
  • Free monthly refresh to 5,000 Consumption Credits
  • Connectivity assurance
  • Community support
  • Choice of available deployment regions
  • 7 days of event retention

Large scale deployments, extended event retention, 24/7 support, a dedicated account team, and dedicated deployment regions are available for additional fees.

How It Works

Our consumption-based pricing model is as easy as 1-2-3.



A one-time charge per device, paid for at the time of purchase of a Notecard or Starter Kit.

Service Region NeededProtocolUnit Cost
North AmericaLTE Cat-M$49
North AmericaLTE Cat-1$59
EMEALTE Cat-1$69


500MB are included with each Notecard. Add more for $4.75 per additional 150MB.


Event Routing

Data routing and events use Consumption Credits. 5,000 are included with each Notecard purchase.

ServiceConsumption Credits (CC)
Routed Event1 CC
Notehub API Event API Request1 CC per event returned
Other Notehub API Requests0.001 CC per request

See FAQ below about Consumption Credits

Volume Discounting

If you require more Consumption Credits, you can purchase more with volume discounts.

Base Unit Price $0.000750

Quantities Starting FromCostDiscountUnit Price

Frequently Asked Questions

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