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We make cellular cloud-
connected products 'actually'
possible, for
We make cellular cloud-connected products 'actually' possible,

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JANUARY 5TH – 8TH, 2023
North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center

Ray Ozzie
Founder and CEO

Jim Hassman
President and CRO

Mobeen Khan

Jim Batson
VP Manufacturing

Emma Wimberley
VP Marketing

Brandon Satrom
VP Developer Experience & Engineering

Who is Blues?

Blues Wireless is a hyperscale cellular IoT solution. Founded in 2019 by repeat scale disruptor Ray Ozzie. Blues is solving the global IoT connectivity problem in just 2 lines of code. Our flagship products, Notecard and Notehub, provide complete scalable device-to-cloud integration. Blues reduces the cost and complexity of building connected devices by including provisioning, security, and cloud optimization as standard features, and adapting to system and device architecture. More than 800 forward-thinking companies, from startup to enterprise, use Blues to securely cloud-connect their products.

Reduce cost and time to market

Rapidly scale

Avoid security and certification risks

Mitigate technology evolution risks

Avoid IoT Platform vendor lock-in

Connect any physical product to the cloud in just 2 lines of code.

Notecard and Notehub work in concert to create a simple and secure product-to-cloud data pump.

Discover our fully-integrated cellular connectivity solution designed to help companies
connect their products to the cloud, securely and with as little as 2 lines of code.

The Notecard combines prepaid cellular connectivity, low-power design, and secure "off-the-internet" communications in one 30mm x 35mmSystem-on-Module.

A hosted service for securely routing Notecard data to your cloud application of choice. Manage fleets of devices, update host and Notecard firmware over-the-air.

Collect valuable insights

Connect products to the cloud

Remotely enable products

The untold IoT story behind Fukushima

Unknown to most at the time, sixteen radioactive plumes were sweeping across the Fukushima countryside. Families across the nation were asking: Are we safe? A group of volunteers gathered to collect data and help the people of Japan, but nobody was prepared for what they discovered.

IoT for everyone. Be in it.

Listen in on the IoT M2M Council Panel live at the IMC Newsdesk at CES 2023.

How Low-Power IoT
Can Help Save the Planet

Mobeen Khan

Learn how Blues can change your business through IoT.

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