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Monitoring Legacy Analog Systems with TinyML, Edge Impulse, and Blues Wireless

Thursday, May 26th, 2022 at 11:00 AM EDT (see in my time zone)
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The concept of "digital transformation" sounds both intimidating and expensive for most organizations. Replacing legacy system hardware and software to achieve a modernization utopia, while a lofty goal, is unrealistic for most companies.

However, today we can measure, monitor, and take action on closed analog systems without having to initiate pricey upgrades and systems changes. Using established Machine Learning techniques alongside modern IoT technologies, we can effectively modernize by tracking and reporting on existing systems in previously unheard of ways.

Join us on Thursday, May 26th at 11AM ET/5PM CET as we dive into "Monitoring Legacy Analog Systems with TinyML, Edge Impulse, and Blues Wireless". We will spend our time together learning about:

  1. What TinyML is and how it relates to the IoT.
  2. The value of combining Edge Computing capabilities with cellular IoT.
  3. Building an ML solution on constrained devices with Edge Impulse.
  4. How two working projects use TinyML to monitor analog gauges and perform anomaly detection in thermal imagery.
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