April 13, 2021

RIoT Lunch & Learn: The Strings of Cellular IoT

Join us on April 21st for a virtual lunch & learn, hosted by Raleigh IoT.

Brandon Satrom, VP of Developer Experience

Back in February, I wrote about the “strings of cellular IoT”, a term I use for the things that developers can’t control about building IoT solutions. The things that slow us down, cut off choice, and provide unnecessary duplication of effort.

It’s a topic that deserves more than a blog post, so I am excited to share that, on April 21st at 1PM EDT, Rob Lauer and I will be presenting on “The Strings of Cellular IoT” as a part of the RIoT Lunch & Learn series.

Banner for the RIoT Lunch and Learn

In this free event, Rob and I will discuss five of the most common challenges IoT developers face and how Blues Wireless is delivering developer-friendly cellular IoT solutions with no strings attached. Click here to register and we hope to see you there!

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