March 15, 2022

Webinar: Get Started with Cellular IoT on the Raspberry Pi 4, Zero, and Pico

In this webinar we showed how to use low-power cellular IoT in the Raspberry Pi ecosystem.

Rob Lauer, Director of Developer Relations

The Raspberry Pi is increasingly being used as an edge computing device (meaning, it’s gathering data, generating machine learning inferences, and performing compute tasks closer to the source).

While we usually think of the original Raspberry Pi single-board computer as THE “Raspberry Pi”, with the release of the RP2040-based Pico and the Zero line, we are seeing lower-power devices more suited to remote, battery-powered deployments.

And when a device is deployed remotely, the most obvious choice for network connectivity is low-power cellular (i.e. LTE-M or NB-IoT). Available across the globe, cellular provides a secure, turnkey solution for low-bandwidth data transfer.

On Monday, March 14th (in celebration of Pi Day 🥧) we presented a “101” style of getting started with cellular IoT in the Raspberry Pi ecosystem. We showed how to relay data from a Raspberry Pi 4, Zero, and Pico to the cloud (and back) using the prepaid cellular Blues Wireless Notecard.

You can now watch the replay right here and then start hacking with cellular on the Pi with a Blues Wireless starter kit!

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