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The crux of a good community is its engaging stories, and at Blues Wireless we are obsessed with your stories. You continually inspire us and help us go the extra mile. We also realize these stories have the potential to cascade into a bigger picture for you, your network, and your organization.

With this idea as our cornerstone, we are happy today to introduce our first “community experts” program: the Blues Amplifiers.

The Blues Amplifiers program thanks our most influential and creative developers and gives them a platform to showcase their efforts, reach more people, and shape the future of the Blues Wireless community.

These folks are some of the most active Blues Wireless developers who have had an impact not only on Blues (via their consistent feedback and questions), but also the wireless IoT community through the effort and creativity they put into their work. Blues Amplifiers are wireless IoT rockstars!

Please join us in congratulating the first cohort of Blues Amplifiers:

The Origins of “Amplifiers”

Following the thread on community stories, it’s only fair for you to know the story of how this program came to be. Here at Blues, in our daily stand ups we share what we did or are planning to do. We also have an amazing community whose stories aren’t, well, amplified as much as they should be.

Just like musicians have amplifiers that increase their volume and reach, we realized our community also needs “Amplifiers”. And so began the thread on having a similar program to empower our new community!

This “Amplifying to Empower” idea started off by internally incentivizing creation of content, from webinars and conference workshops to amazing and mind-blowing Hackster projects. What began as a story in a community has paved its path to THIS! Our community experts program of Blues Amplifiers!

In the coming weeks and months you’ll be hearing a lot more about the Amplifiers as we showcase the engaging wireless IoT projects they create. In the meantime, follow their journeys on the Blues Amplifier website.

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Blues Amplifiers

Blues Wireless community experts who provide guidance, create engaging resources, and lead by example in the Wireless IoT.

blues amplifiers logo


Meet the Amplifiers

David Groom

Community Editor at Make:

David bought his first Arduino in 2007 as part of a Roomba hacking project. Since then, he has been obsessed with writing code that you can touch. David fell in love with the original Pebble smartwatch, and even more so with its successor, which allowed him to combine the beloved wearable with his passion for hardware hacking via its smartstrap functionality. Unable to part with his smartwatch sweetheart, David wrote a love letter to the Pebble community, which blossomed into Rebble, the service that keeps Pebbles ticking today, despite the company's demise in 2016. When he's not hacking on wearables, David can probably be found building a companion bot, experimenting with machine learning, growing his ever-increasing collection of dev boards, or hacking on DOS-based palmtops from the 90s. Find David on Twitter.

Chris Shannon


Chris served in US Army Special Forces and conducted Counter-Terrorism, Counter-Insurgency as well as Humanitarian operations in a number of countries. He subsequently acquired more than 30 years’ experience in the US and Japan as VP and Senior Systems Engineer in companies like Credit Suisse and Mizuho Securities and co-founding the first HackerSpace in Tokyo.

Irak Mayer

irak mayer

Lead Software Engineering Manager

Irak Vicarte Mayer got his PhD. from the University of Electro-Communications with a major in Neural Networks. He has worked on designing and programming low-level system drivers for microscopy cameras and is currently working as a cybersecurity and full stack engineer. Maker by heart, with an interest in IoT, edge devices, robotics, image processing, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. Looking for the perfect balance of data streaming, security, identity, and inference. Follow Irak on Hackster and YouTube.

Naveen Kumar

naveen kumar


Naveen Kumar is a Bioinformatician with a Computer Science and Information Technology background. He is a maker, tinkerer, embedded electronics hobbyist, and Edge AI enthusiast. Follow Naveen on Hackster.



VLSI Chip Testing Engineer

Pradeep is from India and is currently working as a VLSI Chip Testing Engineer. He holds a personal interest in open source hardware and loves to write and create projects on the Internet of Things, embedded systems, and machine learning. Follow Pradeep on Twitter.

Peter Ing

peter ing

Founder - Ingenuity IoT

Peter Ing is a Mechatronics Engineer and hardware hacker with experience in Automation, Embedded Systems, and AIoT. He runs the TinyML South Africa Chapter, is an Edge Impulse Ambassador, and Expert network member as well as an Arm Embedded Mentor. You can learn more about his startup on Twitter.

Dishant Shah

Managing Director

Dishant Shah is Director of Blue Phoenix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. which is a medical device manufacturing startup. He has won multiple national and international hackathons and product development competitions, including the Eyes on Edge challenge conducted by the TinyML foundation and hackster.io. He has expertise in developing embedded systems, thermal imaging solutions, manufacturing practices, wireless communication, and AI. He loves to mentor entrepreneurs and hardware enthusiasts by providing them guidance and projects. Follow Dishant on LinkedIn.

Ben Lim

ben lim

IoT Engineer

Ben is a Mechanical Engineer by training but embedded engineer by interest. His first project was a Drawdio and he never looked back from there. His hobby has brought him to many places and he has met many fantastic people. He loves the idea of a connected world, and is lucky to be given a chance to build it! Follow Ben on his blog at westsideelectronics.com.


What Do Amplifiers Do?

The goal of the Blues Amplifiers program is to amplify contributors who are active proponents of Blues Wireless in IoT communities. The ideal Amplifier is someone that contributes in some (but not necessarily all) of the following areas:

  • Publish content on Blues Wireless technologies:
    • Technical blog posts, tutorials, videos, and how-tos
    • Hackster projects
    • Speaking at local meetups or developer events (either virtual or in-person)
    • Leading IoT user groups
    • Holding virtual or in-person workshops
  • Nurture community around the IoT:
    • Mentor a junior IoT/embedded developer
    • Blog or create other content around community
    • Engaging with other users on the Blues Wireless technical forum
    • Participate in social media initiatives, like Twitter Spaces or Instagram Live
    • Contribute to different outreach initiatives like YouTube series, speaker engagements, and workshops

What Do Amplifiers Get in Return?

The Blues Amplifiers program thanks Blues’ most influential and creative developers and gives them a platform to showcase their work, reach more people, and shape the future of Blues Wireless.

Amplifiers receive exclusive benefits and insider access. Blues Amplifiers have access to:

  • Sneak peeks, access, and a chance to test to unreleased products and features
  • Presentation, guides, templates and demo resources
  • Access to an exclusive Slack workspace
  • Office-hours and feedback sessions with Blues employees
  • Exclusive Blues Amplifiers badges & swag
  • Paid access to maker spaces
  • Travel stipend for speaking at an in-person event (approved on case-by-case basis)
  • Feature on Blues Wireless website and social channels

Are you a passionate and helpful developer who is eager to share your knowledge of Blues Wireless? Apply to become an Amplifier!

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