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Our mission is to accelerate society’s shift towards connected, intelligent operations.

Blues Wireless is an Internet of Things (IoT) company that makes embeddable, wireless smart device infrastructure to enable the mass digitization of commercial products.

Creating a Connected World

The way we interact with our physical environment and the information we collect has been transformed by the Internet of Things (IoT). Previously standalone and offline, our tools, products, and infrastructure are becoming connected and intelligent.

The number of connected IoT devices has been increasing over the last several years and is projected to reach 27 billion by 2025.

Data-Driven Business Operations

Enabled by the direct connection from vendor to customer that the internet made possible, businesses are shifting away from one-time transactions to continuous service delivery. Forward-thinking organizations around the world are leveraging data gathered through IoT solutions for greater efficiency, sustainability, and profitability.

Complexity kills. It sucks the life out of developers.
It makes products difficult to plan, build, test, deliver, and support.

Ray Ozzie, Founder & CEO, Blues Wireless

Wireless IoT, No Strings Attached

Our founder, Ray Ozzie, has a storied career building products that help enterprises navigate shifts in computing and communications technology. Through integrated design, his products drive innovation and eliminate complexity. At Blues Wireless, we bring the same vision to wireless IoT connectivity.

Making the Complex, Simple

The technological shifts of today range from semiconductors to the cloud, 5G, AI, and crypto. And yet, most businesses tasked with securely cloud-connecting IoT devices still rely on arcane, complex, expensive, and risk-prone approaches. The requisite safety, scale, and speed necessary for innovation will only be reached through a simpler approach.

We publish Blues Wireless blog, an engineering blog dedicated to sharing insights to help your business build solutions from hardware, to software, and everything in between.

Some in our industry say, "we can’t wait to see what you build."
We say, "we can’t wait to see you create a connected world."


We build our products to keep you on the path toward IoT success.

Build & Test

Accelerate development and test the viability of your solution on your terms and timeline.


We equip you with the infrastructure to bring your IoT product to market and scale.


We provide ongoing support for the longevity of your solution.

Supporting your success at every stage of development, we deliver industry insights and engineering advice to help you innovate.

What our customers are saying...

Blues is 'full stack' done right. They have a complete solution designed from the ground up to promote creativity by allowing developers to focus on their application instead of the plumbing.

Francois Koutchouk

Founder, Evexia Telehealth

The Blues Wireless API schema definition using JSON for structured and unstructured data packets allow us to build a robust and scalable platform independent code base that follows good software design paradigms.

Alex Fosdick

Sr Embedded Software Eng, Smart Coffee Technology

The Blues Wireless Notecard is a game changer for IIoT-enabled companies that need global connectivity to intelligent assets in motion.

Eric Bodnar

Founder and CTO, Velvetwire

We’re making IoT quick and easy.

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