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We make cloud-connected products 'actually' possible, for all.

Why Choose Blues Wireless?

  • No data contracts or monthly fees; Bring any MCU you like
  • 500MB of cellular data connectivity and 5,000 consumption credits included with every device
Secure connection, anywhere
Accelerate time to product

How It Works

3 Steps to IoT Device Connectivity


Add Blues Wireless Notecard to your product with your preferred hardware.


Our simple JSON interface allows you to connect and send data with 2 commands.


With Blues Wireless Notehub, enjoy secure, bidirectional data flow between your device and your cloud app.

Accelerate Your Time To Market

Graphic of Notehub portion of the Blue Wireless program flow.

Reduce R&D Time

Cut development cycles and project risk with out-of-the-box connectivity and developer-focused experience.

Explore the Developer Portal

Build Your Product Your Way

Use your preferred Microcontrollers and Cloud Application Endpoints. We provide Firmware libraries, CLI tooling, host MCU samples, and excellent product documentation.

View Developers Tools & SDKs

Read the docs to connect Notehub to lots of third party cloud providers
Notecard to Notehub bi-directional data routing image

Fast & Easy Prototyping

Go from unboxing our product to sending real sensor data to your cloud app over a global cellular network in 30 minutes or less.

View Use Cases and Prototype Examples

Power Your IoT Journey With Blues Wireless

Learn more about our hardware and software

Graphic of Notehub portion of the Blue Wireless program flow.

We’re making IoT quick and easy.

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